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Juliano Interior Design – Kristi Juliano

A Career of Beauty and Function Published in Matters of the Home, Volume 2, No. 3 Kristi Juliano’s passion for design began at a very early age. As the daughter of a successful home builder in Ocala, she was introduced to thefunction, aesthetics and trends of home design by her parents, Joe and Sharon Cangelosi. […]

Matters of the Home

Back to the Future at The Villages

When you have your ears to the ground at The Villages, you hear a common beat. Right now the beat is: “What’s going to happen when they run out of land to build on?” and “Where are all the people that work on new construction going to get jobs?” Well, if you look behind the […]

From Humble Beginnings

  As a soldier serving his country in The Marine Corps in the Vietnam era, Mike Scott  had no idea he was going to become the owner of possibly the most successful plumbing company in the State of Florida. But with a work ethic like no other and a mere $500 to start, that is […]


What are you really drinking in your tap or bottled water? With the bottled water getting more popular year after year, do you ever wonder why? Is it the convenience, or are Americans thinking that their tap water isn’t safe? Well, truth is, according to the EPA, all water has some contaminants. After all, tap […]

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