30 + Uses for Lemons

♦ Clean your copper bottom pots with a paste of lemon juice and salt. Scrub with a pad and  rinse.

♦ Clean your plastic or wood cutting board with lemon and salt. Also removes stains.

Add the peels to your garbage disposal and turn on to refresh.

♦ Clean your cloudy glass coffee carafe or other glass containers with a cut lemon

Remove scratches on furniture with equal parts of lemon juice and salad oil.

♦ Add lemon juice to rinse water when cleaning refrigerator to remove streaks

♦ Simmer sliced lemons in water for about an hour and strain into a spray bottle natural
air freshener

♦ Whiten old socks by boiling in water and lemon juice

♦ Use lemon juice on faucets with baking soda to remove water spots

♦ Remove onion, garlic, or fish smell from your hands with a little lemon juice.

Soften your rough elbows with a cut lemon

♦ Remove stains from your plastic leftover containers with lemon juice and baking soda

♦ Squeeze lemon into your foot or hand soak and let the slices float in your water. It
whitens your nails

♦ Get rid of dandruff by using a tablespoon to your shampoo, then rinse with 2
tablespoons lemon juice with 2 cups water. Repeat until dandruff is gone

♦ Create blond highlights by rinsing hair with ¼ lemon juice and ¾ cup water

♦ Make homemade hair spray with 2 cups boiled water, 2 lemons finely chopped. Simmer
until lemons are soft, strain into a labeled spray bottle, and add 1 tablespoon of 100 proof

vodka. Add more water if too sticky

♦Get rid of pimples and blackheads. Brush lemon juice on area with a cotton swab
several times a day

♦ Diminish other discoloration of the skin by applying 2 tablespoons lemon juice with a
pinch of sugar

♦ Drink lemon juice with water in the daytime to freshen your breath

♦ Drink lemon juice as a digestive aid, to detoxify the liver, speed up your metabolic rate,
and prevent cancers of the mouth, skin, colon and gums

♦ Limonin in lemons also helps to reduce LDL cholesterol

♦ Drink lemon juice to reduce the effects of Rheumatoid arthritis

♦ Use lemon juice with water in a spray bottle to wash your fruits and vegetables

♦ Deodorize your garbage containers with lemon peels

♦ Squeeze lemon juice on guacamole, cut apples and cut cauliflower to prevent browning

♦ Add lemon juice to hot tea for a hangover cure

♦ Neutralize cat box odor by placing a cut lemon nearby

♦ Lemons repel bugs. Ants roaches, fleas, etc. Spray area with lemon water or place
peels accordingly

♦ Lemon juice stops bleeding gums and reduces toothaches

♦ Drinking lemon juice helps in the prevention of colds and flu