Combat Veterans to Careers – A Service for Those Who Served

Originally published in Vol 2 Number 1 of Matters of the Home magazine, July 2013

Take a cruise to help ensure the economic survival of returning veterans.

A young person sent to combat in a foreign country, trained to kill to protect our freedom, comes home to face today’s economy, where jobs are scarce and economic survival is uncertain. Not only are they wounded, but also forever changed emotionally by the tragedies of war.

These young soldiers, many with families to support, shouldn’t have to worry about how to provide for themselves and their families. Yet, with all they have been through and the terror they have experienced in combat, that is exactly what some of them are facing.  How can it be tcombat veterans to careershat they are simply turned loose into today’s world with little or no support system? That’s where Combat Veterans to Careers comes in to help.

These veterans deserve all the dignity, gratitude and support that this country has to offer. 

Many area volunteers have set out to make a difference in these young heroes’ lives. Thank God for these volunteers, organized by a local wounded veteran by the name of David Booth, who has walked a mile in their boots.

This volunteer organization makes sure over 98 cents from every dollar donated or granted goes directly to help these combat veterans get the support they need to fit back into today’s society.

David needs our help, though, to make a difference in more combat veterans’ lives. So RE/MAX Premier Realty is holding its next fund raising  event for this worthy organization on November 15th, 2013. We will be having a four day, three night, group cruise to the Bahamas, and at least $100 from every filled participating cabin will be donated to Combat Veterans to Careers!

David has personally overseen several returning combat veterans and their families who now live in the area with careers and many of their children attend the Villages Charter Schools.  If you would like to get involved with  this extraordinary cause, contact David Booth at 352-255-1179 or contact the organization at

If you would like to join us on a fund raising cruise to the Bahamas and learn more about this organization, visit  for cruise details.