Putting the Sizzle Back in Dining at Home

By Nancy Deichman
Originally published in Volume 2, Number 1 of Matters of the Home magazine – July 2013

Firetainment is heating up mealtime with social eating spaces.

You may have seen one of these on the HGTV show, Decked Out, but if not, you are going to want one when you see it. It’s called “Firetainment”, and it’s a Granite table with a fire pit in the middle and so much more.

It’s fun to grill outdoors, but one person usually gets stuck with all the cooking. This fun table takes the heat off the host. Everyone can cook their own food to their liking while interacting with others around the table. What a great way to entertain without all the fuss!

The firetainment table has a lazy susan for the fire pit cover, so when not in use, it’s the perfect patio table. What a surprise this will be when your friends come over and you introduce them to this great invention.

Just bring out the steaks, place them on the Himalayan salt block, and everyone gets to cook their own main dish to their desired doneness. No work for the grill master!

The fire table has a base that conceals the 20 pound propane tank, which should give you 18 to 22 hours of cooking enjoyment. (You may want to have a spare tank, just in case.) This is sure to become your favorite way of entertaining.

The Firetainment table has a wide array of cookware and recipes including a wok, a cast iron griddle, and much more. This is NOT your neighbor’s fire pit. It is a beautiful and interactively fun piece of furniture that you and your guests will enjoy for many years to come.

To see Firetainment in person, head to Bailey’s Design Center located in Leesburg on Dr Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, or visit our website to find out more at www.mattersofthehome.com/firetainment.

Bailey’s will even deliver and install your new table so all you have to do is have the food ready.

Breakfast, anyone?