12 Easy Ways for Retirees to Make Quick Cash

1.  House Sit for absentee Homeowners

Put out a flyer in your area that you are willing to look after their home when they are out of town.  Make sure you are up for the task.  You can customize the program for each client, and if you are doing it in mass, you will want to be licensed and have liability insurance.

2.  Walk pets or pet sit for others

Sometimes others have a temporary need to hire a pet sitter due to illness or travel.  Be sure and carry some small pick up bags with you.

3.  Sell your stuff at a yard sale

This can be a great way to get some quick cash.  This is usually a bigger success and a lot more work than anticipated. But it is quick money.

4.  Consignment Shops

Take your clothing, costume jewelry, handbags, shoes, and other items to a consignment shop. This will take a few weeks, but can be profitable and will help you get rid of items you no longer wear.

5.  Consignment Shops for Furniture

Take your old furniture to a furniture consignment shop, or have them come and get it.  Furniture doesn’t get much, but if you don’t need it, its just taking up space.

6.  Sell your unused electronics

Go to www.glyde.com  for competitive pricing to see where to get the best deal for your items.

7.  Sell crafts online on Etsy

Search on Etsy for shops that show items they have sold.  That may be the best way to determine what to make and sell.  If you are particularly creative, you may want to sell a pattern or two.

8.  Photos

If you love to take photos, or have an great collection of original digital photos, there are several places you can post them for sale. Online sites that can help you make money from your photos by combining them with products are zazzle, redbubble, greeting card universe, and cafe press. Other websites that you can post to sell the photos are shutterstock and istockphoto.   

9.  Online Surveys         

You can sign up for online surveys that will pay you small fees for taking them.  Vindale Research is a good one for beginners.

10.  Reviews

You can sign up to do reviews online. These are different from surveys. You are actually reviewing products. This will take a little time, but can become a part-time income with some work.

11.  Run Errands

Do small chores or run errands for residents in the area. Gigwalk is a site that isn’t quite in our area yet, but its an app you download on your phone and they show you jobs closest to your location. It’s mostly taking photos of certain locations and sending them in. Very easy. Go ahead and download the app on your smartphone. It just takes a minute.

12.  Refinish Furniture

Refinish furniture and resell it. If you have some old piece, give it a redo. If you have an eye for this, it can be fun and profitable. You can sell the items on Craigslist, or Ebay, or get permission to place them in boutiques and privately owned decor stores for a commission upon sale.