From Humble Beginnings


As a soldier serving his country in The Marine Corps in the Vietnam era, Mike Scott  had no idea he was going to become the owner of possibly the most successful plumbing company in the State of Florida. But with a work ethic like no other and a mere $500 to start, that is just what he created.

Mike and his devoted wife Pat moved to Citrus County in 1977. Mike went to work as a plumber’s helper, but his boss needed someone with a master plumber’s license.  Mike was up for the challenge, and took on the extra schooling required to obtain the certification.

When he decided to open his own company, he tirelessly called on builders, knocking on every door that potentially needed a plumber. He would work when others wouldn’t, such as during hunting season when the other plumbers disappeared into the woods for some R & R with a taste for venison and turkey.

Mike would work at night and Pat would go along to help, holding the drop light while Mike did the job. She drove a school bus during the day and worked at night with Mike. All the while they were raising their three children, Shawn, Jason, and Tracy. The boys, Shawn and Jason would also tag along on the jobs and help out. And on top of this busy schedule, Mike also built the family home himself by hand.

The phrase “lead by example” seems to be just what happened in the Scott household.  All three offspring now work in the business, and the spirit of this family shines through in the pride and hard work from the top down.

Mike and Pat have since entrusted the children to run the daily operation, while both keeping a finger on the pulse. Tracy runs the accounts payable and payroll of 110 employees.  Shawn oversees the business, and Jason is out in the field as The Villages supervisor.


The Scott family mantra is “Don’t cheap out, and have pride in your work.” This amazing family has built a plumbing business that serves 7 counties, and answers plumbing calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with no overtime charges.  When asked how they do it, Pat replied “You picture what you want first, and then go for it.” They are goal oriented for sure, but it is obvious that service and fairness to the customer come first.

For many years the Scotts have also been giving back to the many communities they service through the Boys and Girls Clubs, 4-H Clubs, Children’s soccer teams, T-ball teams, and much more.  This family has a true sense of community, and their loyal employees appreciate their kindness and generosity, as do many others. Pat says,” You’ve got to give it away to get it back”, a true pay it forward statement.

Mike Scott Plumbing has septic service, irrigation service, gas, plumbing, new construction, commercial plumbing and even a private label bottled water division.  They have a 35,000 square foot warehouse/showroom in Citrus County and a 15,000 square foot warehouse/ showroom in Sumter County, just outside Brownwood at The Villages south entrance.