Top 5 Easiest Tips to Save on Your Electric Bill

Image By: Olga Reznik

There are hundreds of tips to save you money on your electric bill, but if it’s not easy, will you actually do it? If you are like most people, you may think it’s a good idea, but then the thought passes and you don’t do anything about it.  A month later the electric bill comes, you think about it again, and the cycle continues. Most of us just are just resigned to living with a high electric bill.

Here is an easy action plan that you can accomplish in one day that will result in savings on your incoming electric bill for years to come.

1. A short exercise will save you money. Walk around your house and unplug each electrical item that you rarely use. Items that stay plugged in use electricity even when they are not in use. Who knew?

2. As you are doing task # 1, notice the items that you use often in the same room. Your toaster, coffee pot, and other small kitchen appliances can be plugged in to one power strip. Your computer, printer and other electronics in the office can be put on another power strip. This will enable you to flip one switch to turn off multiple items when you don’t need them. Cha-ching!

3. Change a light bulb, or 5 of them. Most of us have about 5 lights in the house that we use most often. Just change those five light bulbs to LED bulbs. When you are shopping for these items, make sure you look for the energy star label.  Energy Star is actually a partnership between the EPA and the US Department of Energy and is listed on over 60 different types of products. This label is like a seal of approval to save you money on
electrical usage. Look for this label when purchasing any items that use electricity or water. The work has been done for you on which items will be the best choices for you to save on electricity, and the items shouldn’t cost any more.

4. Check out the temperature on your water heater. If it’s set above 120 degrees, reduce it to 120 now. You just saved money for the rest of the life of your water heater.

5. You are going to have to go to the store for this one, but you’re going anyway to pick up those Energy Star light bulbs. While you’re there pick up a few cans of spray foam insulation to spray around areas inside your home where cool air may be escaping.  At a cost of about $5 a can, this stuff will make a big difference when sprayed around openings such as windows, attic entrances, plumbing openings, recessed lighting and electrical openings.

Bonus tips! For Duke Energy customers, contact Duke Energy today for a home audit by calling 1-877-574-0340 or register online at  They will provide you with a free custom report on how to reduce your electric bill. It takes only about 15 minutes.

For SECO members, visit to access their energy survey. Print, fill out and mail in the survey, and they will have a representative call you with suggestions on how you can save money and energy.

This article is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to saving money so stay tuned to Matters of the Home for more tips.