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Should you stay away from grocery store shelves for optimum health?

We’re told by the medical experts that chronic disease is reaching epidemic proportions but at the same time we’re also told that most disease is preventable. Do we actually have the power through the choices we make to prevent ourselves from suffering from type II Diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and other autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis?  Can we strengthen our bodies to avoid osteoporosis, improve our vision, give ourselves more stamina, and live longer healthier lives?

There are now studies that provide us with enough evidence to help us make decisions about what we put in and on our bodies to avoid the toxins that are everywhere in our world today. Many of those toxins are on our grocery store shelves in detergent and cleaning products, and in convenience and genetically modified foods.

There are some great websites on the subjects on how to live a healthier lifestyle by making some very simple changes. One of my personal favorites is, by Dr. Margaret Christensen, a board certified OB/GYN that practices “Functional Medicine”.  When I first listened to a CD with Dr. Christensen speaking, I was blown away by her approach and her expertise on whole life health.

She explained how some of the environmental exposures we are all subjected to affect us and how we can avoid so many toxins by making better choices.  Her website also led me to, where I read more on how certain doctors combine western medicine with a “patient centered” approach. These doctors are focusing not just on the disease, but on the patient, their genetics, environment, nutrition, stress management, and exercise.  Dr. Christensen also serves on the International faculty of the Institute for Functional Medicine.

Our Standard American Diet now dubbed with the acronym SAD, obviously needs some improving. While people in many countries are suffering from underfed malnutrition, many in our country are suffering from overfed malnutrition. We simply eat too much of the foods that are causing our own chronic disease and not enough of the foods that will cause our bodies to create healthy cells.  We have the power to change our bad habits into habits that will be life changing and life extending.

We have the ability to make the right choices for our own good health. We just need to know where to go to find the answers and where to find the right products to live our best lives in today’s environment.

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P.S. Dr. Christensen recommends Shaklee Products on her website.


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