Back to the Future at The Villages

The Villages Florida

When you have your ears to the ground at The Villages,
you hear a common beat.

Right now the beat is:

“What’s going to happen when they run out of land to build on?”


“Where are all the people that work on new construction going to get jobs?”

Well, if you look behind the scenes and read between the lines, you will soon figure out that the future is very bright for anyone connected with real estate, housing, or any services that feed or get fed from this incredible source of growth and positive energy we refer to as “The Developer of The Villages”.

Yes, the new community of Brownwood will be complete in short order. If you ride through there often, it is amazing how fast those houses are popping out of the ground. It’s like Jack and the Beanstalk with Miracle Grow for houses.

We were just emailed the new plat for next door to The Villages on the East side that will hold almost 2000 homes on 987 acres. The old Pine Ridge Dairy land, however, is only a 6 or 7 month supply of land at the pace the developer is now selling new homes. They have purchased a few other contiguous parcels to The Villages, but that too will be  probably be covered with rooftops.

Baby boomers have created the biggest housing boom ever for retirement homes, and the developer of The Villages been marketing to this demographic group for way too many years to stop dead in their tracks when the best is yet to come. They have marketed and continue to market all over the world to get the word out about this Central Florida magical land of the retiree.

Just look at the facts. If they pulled all their advertising from the media today (and they haven’t), they would still have enough leads and prospects in their vast database to finish out Brownwood, and the 987 acres under contract.

Let’s just look at a few more facts:

1. The developer is still hiring and training agents to sell their new construction, 20 at a time, even though they have almost 200 licensees now. That amount of existing agents could surely handle a remaining 2 year build out.

2. There are plans to develop a “Welcome Center” just off the new soon to be build Florida Turnpike exit leading to The Villages.

3. The Developer owns other land in the area. It’s valuable land for future development.

4. Land development and new construction is the only product profitable enough to keep this incredibly large operation going. Why would they not keep going?  The Morse family has created the most successful adult community in the United States, perhaps in the entire world. Why would they stop? It would make no sense to stop building homes when the need is greater than it ever has been, they have land, the momentum and the organization, and they are so good at it.


Let’s just be glad the Morse family  has created such an incredible economic life force from which so many small businesses are prospering. When our local economy was hit so hard from the housing bust, many residents from surrounding areas like Ocala, Leesburg, Tavares, and further came to The Villages area to find work to feed their families.  Many small businesses were created and thrive today because of the demographic this family has created in what would otherwise be cow pastures.

Instead of wondering and worrying about what’s going to happen when the developer of The Villages is finished, perhaps we should be looking forward with excitement and anticipation and asking ourselves, “What are they going to  do next?” If their track record is any indication, it’s going to be incredible.