Taking Control of My Health – A Personal Story

Taking Control of My HealthSharonWick

My Personal Story, by Sharon Wick
(Published in Matters of the Home, Volume 2, No. 3)  

20 years ago, my health was suffering in many different areas.  My carpal tunnel syndrome was very painful. I was wearing huge wrist bands and was told I would need surgery every year.  Allergies caused me to feel miserable 95% of the time.  I was taking two ‘bad’ allergy medications which have since been taken off the market.  My skin had major issues. Several biopsies were done, resulting in nothing conclusive. My dermatologist was going to send me to Duke University to be a human guinea pig to see if they could discover the problem.  Much of the time I walked bent over because of lower back pain and had tried many chiropractors without benefit.  I was 49 and felt sickly and old.

My turning point was when a friend at work shared with me some life changing information. I was introduced to a company with high integrity and well researched products.  The Shaklee Corporation has been a major nutrition company since 1956 and is the number 1 nutrition company in the United States. I found that my problems were due to my poor nutrition.  A half dozen Oreos and coffee had been my ‘breakfast’ for many years.  I was astonished and so thankful to have a total 180 degree health improvement in a few short weeks.  I had not realized I had any hope. I immediately knew my family and I would use these products for life.  Now I am 69 years old and have used these products for 20 years.

I feel the basic products (Shaklee Smoothee and a Vita-strip) have been a great foundation.  I feel the B-complex has healed my carpal tunnel syndrome, the alfalfa has caused my allergies to disappear, the protein (Smoothee) gave me my healthy skin and the Osteomatrix (calcium) has helped my back immensely.  I am now on no medications and feel great.  I even got a great life insurance rate recently which was the best one can get with the company due to my excellent blood work results.  My husband was diagnosed with diabetes but was able to control it with his diet change and our Glucose Regulation Complex (per our doctor). He never had to take any medication for the diabetes.

Nancy Deichman (editor of this magazine) announced in a meeting recently that she feels 1000 times better since adding the Shaklee Smoothees and supplements to her life.

I have realized that if we are not healthy, no matter how much money or material possessions we have, we cannot really enjoy life to its fullest.  I am so thankful and my passion is to see people get the sparkle back in their eyes and the spring back in their step

Feel free to give me a call about any health issue.  I have some great tools which can help narrow down what is needed for your body.  And Happy New Year! Sharon Wick  (919) 824-6781


**Disclaimer – Nothing in this article is intended as medical advice or intended to take substitute for medical advice. Please consult your doctor before starting any supplement or before making any health related changes.**

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