The American Dream for Seniors

By Patti Yancey, RN, CMC The American Dream, what is it for seniors? If you ask them, most seniors would say, their dream would be to stay healthy, enjoy their friends, families, hobbies, and remain at home for the duration of their lives. While that is not always possible, in most cases with the proper […]

Taking Control of My Health – A Personal Story

Taking Control of My Health My Personal Story, by Sharon Wick (Published in Matters of the Home, Volume 2, No. 3)   20 years ago, my health was suffering in many different areas.  My carpal tunnel syndrome was very painful. I was wearing huge wrist bands and was told I would need surgery every year.  […]

Ask a Nurse – Breast Cancer Q & A

Ask a Nurse – by Patti Yancey, RN, CMC Breast Cancer Q & A This month we are focused on Breast Cancer Q&A. If you would like to have your questions addressed from a Nursing perspective feel free to email me at: and I will do my best to assist you with your healthcare […]


Should you stay away from grocery store shelves for optimum health? We’re told by the medical experts that chronic disease is reaching epidemic proportions but at the same time we’re also told that most disease is preventable. Do we actually have the power through the choices we make to prevent ourselves from suffering from type […]

Does Your Neighbor Need Help at Home?

  Does your neighbor need a Helping Hand? The phrase “There’s no place like home,” has special meaning to some aging homeowners. No one wants to give up their comfort, privacy, and independence.   Many sit and suffer in silence unnecessarily while their quality of life diminishes quickly. What happens when older citizens cannot fend for […]

You’ll Never Rinse Chicken Again!

Weren’t we all taught that we should rinse chicken before cooking?  Watch this short video to see why its better if you don’t wash chicken.   Granted, I think most of us are much neater in the kitchen, but its still disturbing.  

The Benefits of Himalayan Salt

Either I have been living in vacuum, or the Himalayan Salt craze only hit critical mass this year.  I now see it everywhere. A recent new hire brought in a lamp made of this pink salt to place beside her computer to get rid of the negative ions, or something like that. My daughter bought […]

30 + Uses for Lemons

♦ Clean your copper bottom pots with a paste of lemon juice and salt. Scrub with a pad and  rinse. ♦ Clean your plastic or wood cutting board with lemon and salt. Also removes stains. ♦ Add the peels to your garbage disposal and turn on to refresh. ♦ Clean your cloudy glass coffee carafe […]

Summer Fruits and Vegetables

The bounty of summer fruits and vegetables are so enjoyable during the summer months and we need them for their wonderful nutritional and hydrating qualities. We can eat them, drink them, and even apply them to our skin for good health and good looks.  Nature provides us just what we need, just when we need […]