The American Dream for Seniors

By Patti Yancey, RN, CMC The American Dream, what is it for seniors? If you ask them, most seniors would say, their dream would be to stay healthy, enjoy their friends, families, hobbies, and remain at home for the duration of their lives. While that is not always possible, in most cases with the proper […]

REALTORS® Team Up to Bring You a Big Win!

Bob Slutsky and Diane Siefkas, known as the S.O.S. team at RE/MAX Premier Realty, are top notch real estate partners who work with great synergy to bring a high level of satisfaction to each of their clients. With their varied business backgrounds, they have vast experience in the “people” business.  They both have talents that […]

Inventing a Successful Real Estate Career – Tom Heller

REALTOR® Tom Heller “Invents” a Successful Real Estate Career No matter what career path Tom decided to take, his success was probably inevitable.  He comes from a long line of family success stories, starting with Elias Heller, the family founder who gave up his farm in Germany in 1836 and immigrated to America to become […]

How to Create Your Perfect Bucket List

by Debra R. Northup Presented by Prestige Auto Sales The term “bucket list” has been around for a very long time but it wasn’t made popular until the movie with Morgan Freeman titled “Bucket List” came out a few years ago. The term derives from the old saying, “kicking the bucket” which is a polite […]

Award Winning Service

Many people don’t get to know what’s behind the surface of their real estate agent. They see dedicated professionals who have great expertise; agents who work hard to find the right dream house for their clients; and agents who market the daylights out of a home to get it sold. But there’s much more than […]

Business Builders with a Heart

Years of success in the building industry in Massachusetts gave Linda Sears and John Mello a great foundation to help clients in real estate. But the time came to move to a warmer climate, where John intended to retire. They always worked closely together, so Linda followed suit and they soon ventured out into the local […]