The Benefits of Himalayan Salt

Either I have been living in vacuum, or the Himalayan Salt craze only hit critical mass this year.  I now see it everywhere. A recent new hire brought in a lamp made of this pink salt to place beside her computer to get rid of the negative ions, or something like that. My daughter bought […]

Organic Gardening Information

Check out these great tips on organic gardening at home!

Firetainment – Not Your Neighbor’s Fire Pit

Make sure to call Bailey Industries for all your Firetainment questions.  They are the exclusive local Firetainment dealer in Lake, Sumter and Marion counties.  They can be reached at (352) 314-0577, or you can visit their website at . Imagine how much fun you’ll have with Firetainment!

30 + Uses for Lemons

♦ Clean your copper bottom pots with a paste of lemon juice and salt. Scrub with a pad and  rinse. ♦ Clean your plastic or wood cutting board with lemon and salt. Also removes stains. ♦ Add the peels to your garbage disposal and turn on to refresh. ♦ Clean your cloudy glass coffee carafe […]

Belize Information

Belize is a popular retirement destination.  Check out our information on Belize and contact us if you have any questions! 13 Reasons to Invest in Belize Read about the Qualified Retired Persons Program in Belize in an article from International Living Magazine:          

Saving Money Matters – 12 Months of Deals for you and your home

Best Buys for the Home in a Calendar Year Although smart shoppers will find great bargains year round, here is a quick list of best buys for each month of the year. (July is by far my favorite with all home decor and furnishings at great prices). Be sure and shop some of our favorite […]

Tis the Season to be Jolly for Home Sellers In The Villages

All signs are pointing to the next several months becoming one of the best times for homeowners needing to sell that we have seen in many years. With real estate markets recovering all across the nation, its freeing up homeowners who have been waiting for their homes to sell so they can move to their […]