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Does Your Neighbor Need Help at Home?


Does your neighbor need a Helping Hand?

The phrase “There’s no place like home,” has special meaning to some aging homeowners. No one wants to give up their comfort, privacy, and independence.   Many sit and suffer in silence unnecessarily while their quality of life diminishes quickly.

What happens when older citizens cannot fend for themselves? The cooking, cleaning, and personal hygiene begin to suffer. They need proper nourishment to stay healthy, and may not be able to provide it for themselves. This situation can deteriorate very quickly. It is particularly dangerous if medications are involved and dosages are accidentally misused or forgotten.  They may need medical attention, but can’t drive themselves to the doctor, or perhaps they need in-home care and don’t know where to turn.

Often those in need will not share their condition with their families as they don’t want to be a burden. Sometimes the families are the last to know the needs of their beloved elder members.  A sense of shame at the inability to care for themselves can also prevent them from asking for help.

There is a good chance that you will have someone in need in your own neighborhood or group at some point.  It’s important to be aware of some of the tell-tale signs that a neighbor or friend may need assistance.


  • ·         Have they stopped attending clubs or events completely?
  • ·         Are newspapers piling up in the driveway?
  • ·         Have you noticed a decline in outdoor landscaping maintenance?
  • ·         Has the car not been moved in an extended period of time?


These are all indications that your friend or neighbor may need a wellness check.  It may also be the time to suggest they get help from one of the following services.

In Home Medical Care Service: They have a high quality staff of nurses who perform a wide array of services including physical therapy, bandage maintenance, prescription monitoring, and other medical treatments.

Medical Transport Service:  These companies will transport a patient using great care. They will take someone who cannot drive to and from necessary medical appointments.

In Home Care:  They will take care of NON-medical in home care such as laundry, meals, and cleaning. They can also provide companion sitting.

Meal Delivery Service:  Gourmet Today Catering will prepare a week’s worth of gourmet and nutritious food for you or your neighbor and deliver it to the door.


The Benefits of Himalayan Salt

Either I have been living in vacuum, or the Himalayan Salt craze only hit critical mass this year.  I now see it everywhere.

  • A recent new hire brought in a lamp made of this pink salt to place beside her computer to get rid of the negative ions, or something like that.
  • My daughter bought me a container of the salt grain for sprinkling on my food and I really like it.
  • My son mentioned that he had a lamp beside his bed for his sinuses.
  • And when i was researching a new outdoor cooking apparatus, I noticed that it came with
    a Himalayan salt block for cooking on.

I am amazed that every time I turn around, I see this pink salt that is millions of years old being mined from the Himalayan Mountains that has been protected from all the years of our planet’s pollution.
Are we going to run out of this precious product that we eat, cook on, inhale, bathe in and use in our Neti Pots?

Why have I not heard of this product before this year and now I see it everywhere?

It’s not something we can manufacture, so as supplies get low is the price going up?
Should I hoard it for future value? It’s really pretty inexpensive, considering how far it has to be shipped.
How did we make it this far without this precious commodity?

Check out this assortment of Himalayan Salt Products.