Water Resources in The Villages and Ocala


General information about drinking water safety for Florida:

Is Your Water Safe to Drink?

List of Drinking Water Contaminants and their Maximum Levels from the Environmental Protection Agency.
Once you pull your report from the links below, be sure to compare it with what’s on this list! You might be very surprised. The list will also let you know the potential health effects from long term exposure (and short term in some cases) at levels above the maximum.

Marion County Water Information

Marion County Utilities Water Quality Reports

City of Ocala Utilities Water Quality Report

Marion Utilities does not have a website – however, you can pick up a copy of their Drinking Water Quality Report (referred to by some utility companies as a “Consumer Confidence Report) at their office located at 710 NE 30th Ave, Ocala, FL 34470.  You might want to give them a call first to make sure they have it ready: (352) 622-1171.

Sunshine Utilities Water Quality Reports

Windstream UtilitiesWindstream / Carriage Hill Water Quality Report

                                          Majestic Oaks Water System Report

                                          Sun Country Water System Report

City of Belleview Water Quality Report

The Villages Water Information:

Village Center Service Area Water Reports (serves Lake County and District 1 in Sumter County)

Little Sumter Service Area Reports  (serves district 2 and 3 in Sumter County and district 4 in Marion County)

North Sumter County Utility Dependent District Reports  (North Sumter Utility and Villages Water Conservation Authority – Districts 5, 6, 7, 8  and a portion of 9)

Water Conditioning, Water Softener and Water Filter Information

As mentioned in our article Is Your Water Safe to Drink, there are different kinds of water filter, depending on which contaminants you are trying to remove. Carbon activated, reverse osmosis and others.

You may also have hard water, which is very common.  If you do, you’ll see the results of it on just about anything that comes into contact with your water, in the form of a film or scaly substance. Its especially noticeable on shower doors, or sink or shower fixtures.  Now think about what that hard water is doing where you can’t see it! Its on the inside of your pipes as well as your water heater, potentially causing clogs and shortening the life your appliances.

If you didn’t like the findings of contaminant levels in the report you pulled, you have well water, or you know you have a hard water problem, its probably time to have your water tested and consider your options.  Visit  Priority H2O, a locally owned and operated water solutions company. They will come do a water analysis first to find out what is actually in your water. Whatever it is, they have the solutions. For a limited time they are offering a 10% discount to Matters of the Home readers, so make sure you mention this is where you saw them. You can contact them here: Priority H2o  or call them at (352) 509-3266